Application of Textiles Fabric

Textiles Fabric are everywhere in modern society.
Worn as protection and self expression on the human body, used as decoration and comfort elements in homes, offices, hospitals,
hotels or public buildings, or structural elements for tents, but also as bags and luggage and so on.
In different scenes, fabrics with different characteristics will also be used.
Apparel fabric is very dressy with a comfort and durability whereas industrial fabric should be strong and tough with grease resistant.
Outdoor fabric should possess the quality to retain color over years while hosiery fabric is supposed to fit the skin closely.
In the same way curtain and drapery fabric has different dedicated utility than a blanket or mattress fabric.

The Different Types of Fabric

Fabric is a material made by entwining fibers together. And it is an indispensable material in clothing,
home textiles, home decoration, etc. There are many types of fabrics by the yard on sale in Zhengda Textile.
Typically, fabric can be roughly divided into two categories: Synthetic textile fibers and natural textile fibers.
Common fabric categories include Polyester fabric, Nylon fabric, cotton, linen, silk, wool, man-made fibers, synthetic fibers, etc.
There are many different types of fabrics under each category.

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