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Fabric For Newborn Clothes Guide

Fabric For Newborn Clothes Guide


If you are planning to make newborn clothes, it is important to choose the right fabric. You want something that is soft, comfortable and gentle on baby's skin. In this guide, we will recommend the best fabrics for newborn clothes and show you how to choose the right fabric for your needs.

What features are required for Fabric For Newborn Clothes


Natural vs. Artificial


It used to be said only natural fibers should be used for baby and children’s wear. Artificial fibers with their plastic origins had long been dismissed as suitable materials for children. The fibers were sweaty, suffocating, and too cold for a child’s delicate skin. These days, this isn’t necessarily true.


Natural and artificial fibers each have their good and bad points. Neither is bad for baby clothes. Today’s artificial fabrics have improved since they were first introduced. So much so, it can be tricky to tell an artificial fabric from a natural one, particularly if the fabric is a blend of both.




When it comes to kids clothes wear, the fabric used has to be tough. Babies, in particular, can go through four outfits per day. Whether it’s through leaks, spills, or little accidents, no sooner have you changed one garment, the next one is ready to go in the washer.


Not only that, but once babies realize they can crawl, shuffle and roll, any fabric between their tiny bodies and the floor will take a beating.




While durability is an absolute must, another important factor is comfort. Babies and children are like little dynamos when it comes to expanding energy. With never-ending power reserves, they are on the go constantly.


Sensitive Skin


Young skin tends to be delicate. Easily aggravated by harsh chemicals, children and babies need their clothing to be hypoallergenic—especially newborn babies.


Babies are incredibly susceptible to infections and need comfortable, soft clothing that doesn’t rub and cause sores. The best fabrics for sensitive skin are made from organic or natural fibers.




One thing babies are unable to do is to regulate their own temperature. Overheating is thought to be one of the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), also known as cot death.


This is why temperature control is one of the most important properties for kids’ clothes. As they can’t do it themselves, their clothing and bedding have to do it for them. Even blankets used for swaddling need to have breathability.