Cover Fabrics
cover fabrics use Solution dye, we use it very often because it allows us to achieve the best color fastness for fabrics ,High color fastness can reach 2-3 years, not easy to fade

In the production of outdoor and interior fabrics, A special pigment that is resistant to UV rays is added to the synthetic mass from which the threads are made. Therefore, they are already dyed over the entire structure and fade in the sun much less than when dyeing fibers or finished fabric.
When choosing a fabric for garden furniture, car, motorcycle or boat covers, we want it to be durable, resistant to water and easy to clean. At the same time, it should look great and be pleasant to the touch.

    • Specification:
    • --300D
    • --500D
    • --600D
    • --900D
    • --1000D
    • --1200D
    • --210D Nylon
    • --500D Nylon
    • --1050D Nylon
    • can be customizable
    • The main properties of fabric for outdoor:
    • high density and strength
    • high color fastness;
    • UV resistance;
    • resistance to dirt and mold;
    • environmental safety and hypoallergenicity;
    • fire resistance.
  • We know exactly what not to do, what materials and in what case it is worth using, and we can suggest the best solutions and provide an individual approach to each client. So ask us any questions you have