Nylon fabric


Nylon is a synthetic fabric made from polyamide fibers. This material was obtained even earlier than polyester, The smooth fibers of the material provide its shine, like silk threads. It is easily dyed in different shades, acquiring a bright and lasting color that lasts for a long time.


Bag fabric made from Polyester of Nylon is very strong and yet easy to fold; waterproof and with high durability and longevity.Suitable for travel bags, backpacks, tool bags, computer backpacks, hike bags, etc.


D(denier) Nylon Fabric  
l --210D l --420D
l --500D l --600D
l --930D l --1050D
l can be customizable  



Nylon fabric has the following properties:

l Wear resistance - the material retains color and is not wiped off during frequent use, does not become thinner in places of accidental creases.

l Lightweight and durable - despite its delicate structure, nylon is hard to break.

l Unpretentiousness - does not require special conditions for care and storage, dries quickly, does not need smoothing.

l Shape stability -

l Protection from cold and wind is not a warm material, but it does not let cold air through.

l Variety of colors - the fabric is easily dyed, which allows you to sew products of the most diverse designs from it.

l Aesthetic appearance - thanks to the soft sheen of the canvas, nylon products are attractive and modern.


Special Features

Meets California 65, Eco-Friendly, Fireproof, High Temperature-Resistant, Anti-UV, Rip-stop, Windproof, Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Crease, Oil-Proof, Anti-Pull, Corrosion-Resistant, Moth-proof, Anti-Hydraulic Pressure



Backpacks,baby products,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents,  wardrobes, pencil cases, storage bags, bags, urine-proof wet cloth, storage boxes, computer bags, aprons, beach chairs, shopping carts, horse clothing,tool kits, home appliances, outdoor supplies

High Tenacity Fabric
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