300 Denier Polyester Fall Camouflage Fabric


300 Denier Polyester  PVC-coated polyester is waterproof, UV and fade resistant, and won't rip, fray, or tear. this coated polyester is a low weight fabric.

Fall Camouflage is the perfect fabric for hunting and heavy duty bags, covers, flags, tents and much more., It has a smooth backside and a finely textured front with a matte finish.


Feature Specific


Content: 300D*250D
Nominal Width (Inches): 58"
Nominal Fabric Weight g/sm: 320GSM
Coating: Yes
Color: Customizable



Special Features:


● Meets California 65  Anti-Bacterial
● Eco-Friendly Anti-Crease
Fireproof Oil-Proof
High Temperature-Resistant Anti-Pull
Anti-UV Corrosion-Resistant
Ripstop Mothproof
Windproof Anti-Hydraulic Pressure





Backpacks,baby products,luggage,cosmetic bag, storage box, tool bag,Tents,  wardrobes, pencil cases, storage bags, bags, urine-proof wet cloth, storage boxes, computer bags, aprons, beach chairs, shopping carts, horse clothing,tool kits, home appliances, outdoor supplies

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