300D cationic Recycled Polyester Fabric with PU/PVC


300D  cationic Recycled polyester fabric with PFC-Free water repellent PET film laminated designed with 100% of recycled material, including PET film materials. This fabric is a recycled polyester that material collected after consumer use, lamination with PET film achieve 100% compliant with sustainability requirements. This fabric offers an uneven visual texture through the mix of colors in the weaving and provides fluorine-free water repellent effect properties to the treated materials, suitable for baby stroller, infant car seat.

Content : Biodegradable PET 100%


Content: 300D*300D-95T cationic
Nominal Width (Inches): 58"
Nominal Fabric Weight g/sm: 156GSM
Coating: Pu/pvc
Color: Customizable



Special Features:


● Meets California 65  Anti-Bacterial
● Eco-Friendly Anti-Crease
Fireproof Oil-Proof
High Temperature-Resistant Anti-Pull
Anti-UV Corrosion-Resistant
Ripstop Mothproof
Windproof Anti-Hydraulic Pressure





Infant car seats, Textile applications include baby strollers,and children's furniture textile, bags and backpacks are often used in areas that require particular safety conditions.







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