Flame-Retardant Fabric
Flame-Retardant Fabric
Flame-Retardant Fabric


Fire-resistant fabric (also known as non-combustible, flame-resistant or fire-safe) is a material that prevents the spread of fire in a fire. In appearance and performance properties, fire-resistant fabrics almost no different than ordinary fabrics, or better: less crease, not burn out, not deformed.


Coated polyester or nylon. If phosphorus molecules are included in the polyester structure or the fabric is treated with a special impregnation(coating), then the fiber acquires the property of  fire resistance. Without it, synthetic fiber tends to burn and ignite, spreading flames. The fabric composition is 100% polyester. 


These fabrics, unlike other materials, do not burn when in contact with an open fire. When ignited, they melt, slowly smolder and self-extinguish when the source of fire is removed. Fireproof interior fabrics have another most important property: oxidizing at high temperatures, they do not emit toxic substances, the poisoning of which causes the death of most victims in a fire. The complex of these properties was the reason that in many European countries the use of non-combustible textiles in the design of public spaces is mandatory.







-all Nylon



Fire-resistant fabrics have special properties.
● Do not spread flame.
● Determine heat transfer through a material or material component used in protective clothing.
● Evaluate the thermal behavior of materials and material components when exposed to radiant heat sources.
We can reach requirements of following tests: 
● BS5852 (England) 
● CPAI84 (USA)
● GOST 11209-2014 (Russia) 





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