PE coating ordinary used for external applications. It is much less common than PU, probably because it is more expensive and simply because it is less well known.


PE has similar properties to PU in that it can be combined with flame retardants and applied in a similar way, but there are some significant differences that make it better in some applications and worse in others. Generally speaking, PU is used for rugged tents in more hostile environments. It is a fairly popular choice of floor fabric for expedition tents, where weight is not as important and durability is paramount.


This kind of coating feels hard and belongs to the environmental protection type, but the price is expensive. It is used for luggage types, and outdoor beach chairs will be used more.


PE coating can be:


Water resistance

abrasion resistance

durability are





PE coatings are even less ductile than PU coatings and it is almost impossible to make the fabrics they are applied to slip. As a result, PE coatings usually reduce the tensile strength of the fabric.



PE has many advantages that make it the best choice for flooring.


1. First, it doesn't absorb moisture.


2. It is hydrophobic and will not get wet even in prolonged  contact with waters.


3.The main advantage in terms of durability is that PE-coated fabrics are extremely resistant to mold and fungus. Because the coating keeps the inside of the fabric dry, moisture does not support mold growth.





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